Top 5 Ways to Get a Free Domain Name

It is always a good idea to think twice before taking a valuable offer, especially when it is being offered for free. This rule also applies to free domains. Therefore, before you commit yourself to getting one of these, it is crucial that you know and fully understand all the rules, conditions, and fine print for these free domain names. This will save you from unexpected expenses later for things that you were not aware of.

top 5 ways to get free domain name
This article will summarize some of the best ways that you can use to get a fully legitimate domain name that will not cost you later.

1. A free domain name with a new hosting plan

When wanting to set up your own website or blog, the first thing for you to do is to check the availability of your domain name of choice. After you are certain that it is available, you can now register it using a domain name registrar of choice. In most cases, it is quite affordable to buy a new domain name. Alternatively, you can buy your preferred domain name from your web host provider. However, many web hosting providers now offer a free domain name with every purchase of hosting space, but this is with a catch. The domain name will only be free for the first year. You will, therefore, need to renew it for subsequent years.
In most cases, however, these deals are usually very reasonable and could very well translate to huge profits in the long run. The next time you want to buy web hosting for your website, make sure to check whether that company offers a free domain registration for new purchases. It is also important to check customer reviews so you may know what other customers are saying. This will help you make a well-informed decision.
In summary, it is important to note that though you may get the first year free, you will be expected to pay for renewal costs.

2. Free domain with hosting upgrade

Some web hosting providers may also offer a free domain name to customers wanting to upgrade their hosting plan. A good example is when you want to upgrade from a shared hosting plan to the more flexible and dedicated Virtual Private Server (VPS). Your hosting provider may offer you a free domain name.
In such a case, there are two possible ways to take advantage of this offer. You may choose that the free domain name offer is used to renew your already existing domain name. Alternatively, you could use the new domain name to build a new website. If you already have a vision of expanding your online business, then the second option comes in handy.

3. Free domain name with free website

When you use platforms like, Blogger, or Tumblr to build your website, you usually get a free domain name and website too. This sure sounds like a great deal. Unfortunately, this deal comes with its own set of disadvantages, and a big catch in the long run. You usually have very little control and ownership of your own website. Therefore, we could say that the site actually belongs to the provider offering you the hosting space and domain name.
The fact that you are allowed to use any domain name available for free blinds you from seeing that the arrangement is actually not a good bargain for you. This is because you are using a domain name that is attached to the provider’s service. The downside of using these free deals is that when the service provider feels like your site violates their Terms of Service or any other agreement they may have, your website could be shut down without as much as a warning. This means that all your hard work could go down the drain in a moment. In short, with this kind of agreement, there is no precise line that defines what is yours, and what is not.
However, you could still use this type of providers when you are building your site, but avoid them like the plague when creating serious websites and blogs for your business. Additionally, a freely hosted site will not create a good professional image for you. This is especially true of you are after creating a website that builds a brand to generate revenue.

4. Combining free services

If you are usually keen when looking for a domain name or hosting provider, then you might have come across This is one of many services on the internet by Google that offers free domains and websites.
However, like all other cases above, has a catch of its own. The service is only free for the first year of subscription. After this time, you will be required to pay monthly for both the domain name and website.
This means that if you are new to web hosting and all you want is to learn the ropes, the service offered by is a good deal for you. You should, however, know that it comes a number of limiting factors too. Some of these include only 5GB allocated bandwidth, a maximum of 3 pages, and 25MB disk space. The side also does not support e-commerce services or a domain based email address. For a fee, however, you can request to have these services included.

5. Special Offers

Web hosting providers and companies that are in the hosting and domain registration services usually offer unplanned domain name deals every once in a while. These offers are especially common during festive seasons or when a new product is released. You could, therefore, be on the lookout and be ready to grab such an opportunity because they never last long.

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In conclusion, it will depend on your situation and preference. There are numerous methods available you can use to get a free domain name offer. You only need to do some little research so that you can understand what works best for you. This means that you need to always be on the lookout so you can grab any free domain offer given by any company. This will help you get all relevant details about the agreement and ensure that you are comfortable with the terms and conditions offered. You are bound to come across many offers in the market, but you should be aware that in the long run, many come with more cons than pros. You, therefore, need to be very keen and consider an offer before you rush to redeem any offer.

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