GoDaddy SiteLock coupon for just $11.62/yr

GoDaddy SiteLock service is a malware scanner service for your website with automatic daily scans keep your site and customers safe. Buy this service in this month, you’ll get huge saving with just $11.62/yr when use our godaddy sitelock coupon code. Please feel free to leave a comment if this coupon not working with you.

godaddy sitelock coupon

GoDaddy SiteLock Coupon

– Just $11.62/yr GoDaddy SiteLock Malware Scanner

Three Plans

godaddy sitelock plans

  • SiteLock Trust Seal
  • Search engine blacklist monitoring
  • Security alerts
  • Spam blacklist monitoring
  • Unlimited expert support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


How does SiteLock work?
GoDaddy SiteLock will checks your website for common vulnerabilities, including phishing exploits, SQL injection flaws, and cross-site scripting (XSS). It checks your URLs, submits forms, posts comments, and performs other tests to find the web application vulnerabilities hackers use to break in, removal tool automatically removes malware. It delivers real-time reports for you check your latest scan results anytime via online dashboard.
If I have an SSL certificate, why do I need SiteLock?
An SSL certificate secures the information passed back and forth between visitors and your website (i.e. credit card information, login name and password) but it can’t find malware or the other vulnerabilities hackers use to break in and do damage.
SiteLock not only finds vulnerabilities and malware, it automatically removes them from your website using SMART malware removal tool.
So, You still need both to security your websites.
I just bought SiteLock. Now what?

SiteLock Malware Scanner Setup

Simply log in to your GoDaddy account, and click on SiteLock. Click Launch next to the account you want to use, and then provide the requested information.

Website security scans occur every 24 hours.

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