10 Tips to Develop a Killer Website

Your website defines both you and your business. Therefore, every business needs a website that is not only unique but one that will also give them good exposure and attract visitors who will buy the products and services offered. Some time back, only a web designer could be trusted to create an excellent website. However, in today’s world, numerous tools are available to help you create your own killer website. An advantage is that these tools are also easily available. It is important to note that a lot of time and effort is needed to create a well-designed website that is functional and streamlined. If an excellent site is what you are looking for, considering the following tips will go a long way in helping you achieve your goal.

1. Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web DesignIn the past, only desktop computers and laptops were used to view websites. However, times have changed. Today, the number of devices used varies greatly to include tablets and smartphones. A responsive website, therefore, ensures that it is optimized to give optimal performance despite the device being used. To make sure that things are not complicated, you should use one URL for all devices. This makes it easier for you because you will only be marketing one URL that will still enable you to reach a wide audience.
The fact that many hosting companies offer website builders is also quite helpful when you are developing a responsive website. GoDaddy, one of the best web hosting companies, is worth a try the next time you are building a website. Apart from the great packages they have for your choosing, their website builders are equipped with advanced features that give you more control over the design of your website. A GoDaddy promotional code or coupon could help you save a couple of dollars when buying services from them.

2. Social Media Integration

Social Media IntegrationSocial media sites are growing more and more powerful in the online presence. You should, therefore, consider using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other related social media sites to both advertise and sell your products. Their powerful search engines provide a useful way to interact with your customers and get them to have confidence in you and your brand.
If you are doing video marketing, you can also invest by buying youtube views. This will help you increase your audience and market you better. Besides, you are going to learn of methods of increasing your followers.

3. Choose a Color and Stick to it

Choose a Color and Stick to itIt is always a good idea to use the colors on your logo as the color theme for your website. However, if you are starting out, you should choose a maximum of three complementary colors and stick to them.
A website is not like a school project where you can have a color theme for every page. You only need a few colors for the entire website. White, gray and red is good choices if you want a professional and sophisticated look and feel. If you are unsure on colors to pick, you can browse a number of websites that do what you want to do and pick ideas from them. Make sure to choose colors that are most attractive.

4. Go for templates

Go for templatesTemplates are a great alternative for helping out when you are having difficulty choosing a design and color theme for your website. There are countless template designs that have pre-set layouts for you choose from. You can also get websites that give out well-designed templates at no cost.


5. Content is King

Content is KingA good website should not only be free of clutter, professional and clean. The content also matters a lot. The content is what will keep your readers and customers on your website and ensure that they come back again and again. It is, therefore, what determines your web traffic and your ranking on search engine result pages. Filler text and content that is copied only result in a low page rank and you website will be low on result pages of search engines resulting in less and less traffic for your site.
However, if your website has high-quality content and you are promoting it through the right avenues, you are bound to receive lots of traffic and also get a good search engine ranking. Also, use relevant keywords to attract your audience.

6. Consider the Background

Consider the BackgroundBad background color choices chase away readers. You should, therefore, ensure your background is easy to read on. For example, using yellow text on a white background, or black text on a blue background is suicide for your website. A good background color is one the contrasts highly with text color and thus makes the text easily readable.


7. Build External Links

Build External LinksOpening external links to a new window or tab is a good idea for your website because your reader will not be directed away from your site. They will, therefore, find it easy to come back to what they were reading before they clicked on the link. This is good for your website because the time a user spends on your website matters a lot.

8. Have a Search Feature and Sitemap

Search Feature and SitemapIf your site has more than 10 pages in total, then you need a sitemap and search feature included. This is because it makes it very easy for your site visitors to find what they are looking for very fast. Doing this makes it easy for you to keep your readers and also find new ones.

9. Have a Simple Navigation System

Simple Navigation System

One of the most important things to consider when designing your website is the navigation system. A simple navigation system that is easy to use and find what they are looking for is what customers want. Using a complex navigation system will, therefore, only keep your readers and customers away. Try and stick to popular navigation system designs and keep off unpopular designs. One of the most popular designs has its navigation bar on the top of the website of in some cases, the left side. It is also good practice to have another navigation bar at the bottom for easy searches.

10. Avoid Excessive Special Effects

Avoid Excessive Special EffectsA few special effects are great for livening up and decorating your website. But overdoing it is bad for your website. Logos that change color, or even moving images only distract your visitors from what brought them to your website. Many visitors will be attracted to the graphics and completely forget the content while others will be annoyed and just close the website. In addition to this, having too many graphics on your website makes it bulky and slow to load. Customers hate this, and they will leave to find a faster loading website that can give them what they want.
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